Group Lessons

Group Lessons

Four hour Program Lessons only      Lessons and Home stay
4 weeks (4 lessons daily) $1058 $1718
3 weeks (4 lessons daily) $ 824 $1319
2 weeks (4 lessons daily) $ 589 $919
1 week (4 lessons daily) $ 355 $ 520
Additional week (applies after 4 weeks of study). $ 235 $ 400
Six hour Program Lessons only      Lessons and Home stay
4 weeks (6 lessons daily)   $1528 $2188
3 weeks (6 lessons daily) $1506 $1671
2 weeks (6 lessons daily) $ 824 $1154
1 week (6 lessons daily) $ 472 $ 637
Additional week (applies after 4 weeks of study). $ 352 $ 517


To Consider:

  • Programs start every Monday year round. Lessons are daily, Monday through Friday, on a weekly basis. Check with the school for scheduling and availability.
  • Less than 15 hours per week, cost per hour: $23.45 plus $20 registration fee.
  • Minimum number of Spanish lessons per week: 6 lessons.
  • No refunds will be given for lessons missed due to national holidays.
  • Please check with the corresponding school for scheduling and availability.
  • Transfer from or to the airport $40 each way

These are Costa Rica National Holidays for you to consider when enrolling

(January 1st, New Year’s Day. April 11th, Anniversary Battle of Rivas. April 14th thru 18th, Holy Week. May 1st, Labor Day. July 25th, Annexation of Nicoya. August 2nd, Virgen de los Angeles Day. Patron saint of Costa Rica. August 15th, Mother’s Day. September 15th, Independence Day. October 12th, Columbus Day. November 21st, Employee’s Day. December 25th, Christmas Day.)

  • Homestays start on the weekend prior to the first date for lessons.2. Students with homestay will be picked up at the airport for immediate transfer to their host family.3. INTENSA makes a real, reasonable effort to group students according to their oral proficiency level. It sometimes happens, however, that a student’s level does not correspond to any of the existing levels, in which case the student will be given three hours of private lessons instead of four in a group at no extra cost, until another student is found at the same level.


  • While we encourage students to take advantage of the homestay for the cultural experience, some of our students prefer or find it necessary to stay in a hotel or apartment for the time they are here in Costa Rica. In which case, Intensa can supply a list of nearby, reasonably priced hotels upon request. Our personnel will be glad to help making reservations and obtaining a student discount rate whenever possible.
  • Students who choose alternate lodging should deduct $165 per week from the fees shown.

Homestays include:

  • Private room
  • Laundry service
  • Two meals. A good breakfast and main meals