Academic credits

INTENSA’s Spanish language courses and lessons have been developed to fit the demands of high schools, colleges, and universities throughout the United States and Canada for the last 20 years.

Currently, students can receive university credits from the UNION UNIVERSITY of Jackson, Tennessee, for studies at INTENSA, its Costa Rican campus, by registering at: http://www.uu.edu/programs/intensa/ UNION UNIVERSITY offers the following conversation courses in Spanish for credit, transferrable to universities and colleges nationwide with prior approval of the student’s Modern Languages Department.

Upon completion of the course, UNION UNIVERSITY will send the student’s transcript and certification of contact hours received to his or her university.

The awarding of three hours of university credit will be subject to the minimum completion of a 50-hour program (typically four hours per day for week one, followed by six hours per day for week two or vice versa) and satisfactory completion of at least two of the three modules designed for each Union University course.

Each credit is based on 16 hours of in-class, teacher-directed practice. PLEASE NOTE: Prior approval of your course of studies at UNION UNIVERSITY and/or INTENSA by your Modern Language Department before starting your studies is required.

Hosts families

Your host family’s role is to meet your immediate needs in a caring and supportive way as you adapt to your new environment.

Intensa selects its host families based on an on-site visit and a personal interview of the family members.

The homestay includes airport pick-up with immediate transfer to the host family and return, a private room, laundry service, and two meals: a good breakfast and a main meal.

The families represent middle class Costa Rican housing and are within walking or easy commuting distance of Intensa.

The homestay starts on the weekend prior to starting date for classes and costs $145 a week. An additional day of homestay after the end of one’s regular program costs $25. Alternate Lodging While we encourage students to take advantage of the homestay for the cultural experience, some of our students prefer or find it necessary to stay in a hotel or apartment for the time they are here in Costa Rica.

Below is a list of recommended hotels located near Intensa. Our personnel will be glad to help you get reservations and student discount rates whenever possible. Hotel 1492, Jade y Oro contact-us@hotel1492.com (506) 2225-3752 Hotel Le Bergerac bergerac@sol.racsa.com (506) 2234-7850 Hotel Don Fadrique fadrique@intercentro.net 506) 2225-8186 Youth Hostel Toruma recaghi@sol.racsa.co.cr (506) 2224-4085 Students who choose alternate lodging are responsible for arranging their own transfer to and from the airport.

Start Date

Every Monday year around.

Registration Fee

USD $20.oo (twenty dollars). Most of our rates already include this fee.

Placement Test

On the first day of class each student is interviewed and assigned to a group that matches his or her conversation level, ranging from beginner with no Spanish background to advanced. A student may subsequently be moved to another group as his or her needs are better identified.

Teaching Methodology

How We Teach:
Your practice in the classroom will be centered on your spoken and listening skills with short readings providing context. Our goal is to help you become a proficient speaker of the Spanish language. New materials are first practiced in what we call an open group with the teacher modeling pronunciation and structure as needed. This allows the individuals in the group to try out the new material without being singled out. Next comes pair work for more practice. This is the moment when the teacher gives special help to individuals. After the group and pair work, individuals are ready and able to use the new material on their own.

Applying What You Learn:
The environment in and around Intensa provides ample opportunities to practice what you learn. Conversing with local people in town, your host families, and experiencing the exciting travel adventures (featuring Spanish speaking tour guides) gives you invaluable practical experience with the language beyond what can be taught in a classroom.

Approximate Duration

Starting in module 1 and ending in module13

Approximate Duration


Highly motivated, most of them have superior studies plus a good amount of years teaching Spanish


Text books and any other class material are already included in your monthly fee.